2023 - 2024
Student Handbook

Handbook Authority

The Wake Forest University School of Law implements this Student Handbook to guide students in the policies and procedures needed to navigate their program of study. The content contained in the Student Handbook applies to all students in all School of Law programs. Various policies and procedures may outline provisions for specific programs as necessary. All employees of the Wake Forest School of Law are also bound by applicable policies and procedures. 

Student Knowledge of Handbook Expectations

All students of the Wake Forest University School of Law are responsible for reviewing and understanding all information contained in the Student Handbook. Failure to review the Handbook is not an acceptable defense for the failure to adhere to any policy or procedure contained herein, including but not limited to the Honor Code contained in Chapter 11.   

Handbook Updates and Process

The Student Handbook is generally reviewed and updated each summer for the upcoming academic year. Previous versions of the Student Handbook are maintained for historical policy review. From time to time, updates may be made during the course of the academic year. Students and employees will be promptly notified of material changes.

An updated version of the Student Handbook is published by the beginning of the Fall semester each academic year and posted to the Wake Forest University School of Law website.